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Dis mah gallery yo.


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AT- Slimebutt flat by DarkBullet777
AT- Slimebutt flat
for :iconacidicabsinthe: of a slimebutt dog thingy that i got for her a while back x3 cause she likes slime stuff
but she wasn't able to draw him or was having issues getting it to work.

SO i drew him for her xD
art trade!
rather like how he came out, he's super cute x3

art by me
character belongs to :iconacidicabsinthe:
original design by :iconundeadchickennugget:
Sauros Adoptables- $15 each (CLOSED) by DarkBullet777
Sauros Adoptables- $15 each (CLOSED)
$15 for some off base Saurous adoptables that i did
we need to eat so i'm not doing point adoptions. XD lets uh, see how this works out yes?

if you're interested in one of them just comment below with whichever one you want

Race information:
The Sauros are wide spread, and can be found in any climate, though they have a preference for any heavily wooded settings since it provides plenty of food and hiding places.
They are a predominantly herbivorous race, though when in need of certain proteins or oils they'll eat fish and other water dwelling creatures. They are talented fishermen, but not so much swimmers (even if they do like wading into the water)
Generally Sauros have two tails, with no clear biological purpose. They're just pretty. There are other tail types, but they are rare, and hard to find.
Their legs are thick and muscular, meant for climbing, which is aided by the retractable claws in each of their toes, and the soft, flexible padding on the base of their feet.
They can have 2-4 tongues, it simply depends on the genetics from their parents.
The large ears make them able to hear just about anything within a certain range, and they're quite hard to sneak up on.
Most sauros are ambidextrous. It's rare to find them otherwise.
The gelatinous looking orbs spattering their bodies are naturally bio-luminescent, and while other body parts can be as well, these are the only parts guaranteed to be as such.
For those that can't tell, we based their facial structure off more bovine features.
Their noses are -extremely- sensitive to electricity and to temperature. They do not like to be out and about during electrical storms.

If you have any other questions just ask!
the order goes:
1 2 3 (ermergerd)

1. Stone- Hyenism@ FurAffinity
2. Pumpkin- MINE now. apparently lol.
3. twilight rose- ShyKaiju@ Furaffinity

if you're interested in a custom, off base custom chibi Sauros i'll do it for $35
otherwise, if you want a base custom, we can do that for $25 (its also not chibi so it's more of a proper 'ref' technically)

art and designs by mee -bows-
species are actually my fiance's :icondawncarmicheal:
Rayne-Corset by DarkBullet777
so :icondawncarmicheal: got this character as a freebie from :iconcakee-kun: 
i got inspired
art happened.
i figured i'd post it here since i don't think Cakee has a weasyl. xD

art by MEEE
originally the character belonged to :iconcakee-kun:
now the character belongs to :icondawncarmicheal:


Addicted to Angst
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
Mostly Inactive here, but doesn't mean i don't still draw.

The Adoptables that i pick up occaisionally, do get drawn but i don't post my doodles here at all, really.

I'll try to have more art to post soon.
I don't take commissions here anymore, it's too much work to keep up with this website and 2 others.

i may close up shop here soon, it's not like i post often xD;
I'll check back in for friends' art, and possible adopt hunting, but not much else.

click the website button to find somewhere i'll be more active on :B (need an account there to actually view my stuff though, i have my profile hidden)

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